Boycott Trump App Recensioni


Can this please be updated so that new business that support him are on here. Please also make sure that those who don’t support him any longer are removed hopefully with a letter or acknowledgment of no longer doing so.

This is great,

It shows favorable companies and organizations to SUPPORT. Why the left- behind can’t accept the results of a legitimate election I can’t fathom. He doesn’t act presidential, that’s much better. Can he reorganize a bloated costly bureaucracy?, I sincerely hope so. There hasn’t been a professional politician since I was born who either wanted, or was capable of cutting duplicate positions in the government. Trump may be the only hope we have of ending the “civil servant for life”, that OUR government is so entrenched. Check out the home values around DC. The rich get richer! They all work (when forced) for OUR Government. Trump has more money than he knows what to do with. He isn’t interested in making more by selling speeches, political favors, or books during or after he leaves office. He ignores lobbying. He still gets important things done despite specious legal drawn out witch hunts.

Ha ha you got played sucka

Got this app for the sole purpose of knowing what businesses to spend my money at, Trump is single handedly saving America, and hateful leftists like the developer want America to fail, Korean War to restart, and for Bill Clinton the rapists epileptic wife to assume power and start WIII.

For Rich White Boys

This app is ridiculously dumb, and lazy. For instance it will tell you to boycott a major chain, then not give you any advice on how to get by without using the only grocery store within a seven mile radius of you. This app could only be of use if you are boogie enough to live in a major city, and have multiple options for shopping.

Sponsored celebrity apprentice?

They ran ads on a show that no longer exists so I have to change my life up? This is why no one takes the left seriously.

Great idea, needs polish

A searchable list of brands and companies and how they are connected to Donald Trump. + Good idea. - A few bugs and rough edges. - Popups constantly asking for donations could be streamlined to be less annoying. - Isn’t comprehensive e.g. missing Sands and Venetian casinos in Las Vegas, owned by Sheldon Adelson, largest donor to Trump’s inauguration. Would like to see this sort of thing expanded beyond Trump so that consumers have better visibility.

Great help

I have been looking for a way to support the companies that support a Trump and you made it easy thanks. Make America Great Again

Needs improvements

The majority of businesses are cited for "sponsoring" Celebrity Apprentice, which I assume means they bought ads to run during the show. The show was cancelled so boycotting them is pointless. It's not like the businesses can stop running ads on Trump's show in response to being boycotted. (Side note: I couldn't read the entire info on these businesses because the text was too large and the app wouldn't allow me to scroll) The next most frequent type of "Trump support" was stores that sold books, clothing or other merchandise that has the "Trump" name (Donald or Ivanka Trump merchandise). I'm not going to boycott a bookstore for selling a book written by Trump --that seems un-american. As for stores that sell Ivanka Trump fashion line merchandise, I dunno. I certainly would never buy her stuff, but to boycott a store carrying her merchandise seems like a round about way to protest Trump ...although since she is one of his "advisors", boycotting her stuff might be worth it. Last and definitely least, there are a few (very few) businesses that are cited for directly endorsing and funding Trump's campaign. Those I will boycott. But by listing all these other businesses, this app kinda hides the prime supporters of Trump.

Why you should download and review this app.

Do you dislike Trump? Are you aware this guy hates public rejection and criticism?? Download the app. Review him... I mean the app. This isn’t Twitter. He can’t block you.


The text overlaps the entry boxes making the app bummed; sounded like a good idea.

Businesses are deceiving you

They can say they're anti-trump and get your money, drones. Evolve.

Happy to have this resource

Good app

Good to know

Good to know

Great App to support Trump!

Now I can see which companies supported Trump, and I can support them! It works both ways! MAGA

Not installing?

Any reason why this is not downloading/installing?

Resistance is working

I heard amazon contributed heavily to his campaign but no mention of this in the app. Nevertheless, great idea. Release those tax returns cheater traitor! And they think Hillary is crooked!

Getting worse with every release

Latest release renders the app useless. Zoom zoom? Does anyone tests this?


I would like listing to tell us if they currently do business with the family. Many say they sponsored the CA when he was on. However, if these companies have found the light I do not want to unnecessarily boycott them. Actually perhaps they should be commended for dumping them.

Much better

Just downloaded it again today after getting an email that this app had been significantly improved. It is much better. Makes it easy to contact or tweet to companies supporting Trump.

Info not up to date

Great idea but keep it updated. Constellation Brands missing, not okay. No info on the get involved page...


This app does not seem to update for brands that have gone to ban trump products (Nordstrom) nor has it added brands that are clearly Pro-Trump (Home Depot).

Terrible update

2/13- y'all manage to make the app even worst. Also please include actual(factual) updated info on the companies listed. Info other than several years ago they sold some products on their website. Something of substance like endorsements they've made and are making. Old review- So far the companies I looked into check out to actually support nazi trump in some form so the app is legit, for now. The apps off putting appearance makes it seem like a sham so my feedback is to have that improved.

New update made app unusable

The most recent update has made the app completely unusable. I have my text set to display larger. The app, surprisingly, recognizes this, but the UI doesn't compensate so fields end up overlapping making it very difficult to read and navigate. This needs to be addressed so the app, which is a marvelous idea, can be used.

Awesome app for Trump supporters!

Now I know where to spend my money!

Fix font size issue!

Still unreadable when iOS type size is set to larger than normal.

Not updated frequently enough

Come on. Nordstrom dropped ivanka trump awhile ago. Wouldn't be terrible to separate into categories indicating level of involvement either. Some of the trump connections are very tenuous.


Great concept. Take it a step further and let the app alert, using geo fences, you when u are entering an establishment that supports this traitor. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Contact feature is user unfriendly

Love the app, but it should be easier to contact the companies if that option is offered. First, it was difficult to navigate through the fields to fill my contact info (might be my iPhone 5s). Next, given the option to tweet the company, I expected to be automatically directed to give the app access to my Twitter, but no. And no other contact method was offered. (Many people don't use a twitter handle that exactly matches their name.) Can this be remedied? Thanks!

Update fail

A number of companies listed have rid themselves of the trump brand. Disappointed to see that the recent update failed to address this fact.

Good app

I've actually lost weight using this app by boycotting the fast food restaurants. I believe Nordstrom has stopped selling Ivanka's clothing.

Update the list

The app still has a couple of companies that have publicly distanced themselves from the Trump brand. That's really not fair.


Nordstrom dropped Ivanka's clothing line

Change the Icon

I don't want even a cartoon image of him on my phone at all times.



Plz read

Finally updated so the New England Patriots are listed under their own heading. Still fails to mention head coach. Yet Buffalo bills are still mentioned despite the fact that they no longer employ Rex Ryan. Plz update.

Needs to include financial firms

This app is ok for retail and clothing businesses but does not include banks and mutual funds with loans to Trump like Vanguard, Chase, Fidelity and Wells Fargo.

God bless President Trump!

God bless president Trump!

Butthurt leftists

App is for butthurt leftists. Boycott places like TD bank? Lol. Get a life, the Democrats are dead

Not worth the price ;-)

This would make sense if these were only companies who Trump earns revenue from. But it includes a lot of companies who simply supported him during his campaign and the rationale for inclusion seems somewhat petty at times. For example, McDonald's franchise owners have the right to donate to whenever they choose as do others. This should not disqualify you from doing business with them anymore than if they supported Hillary. If you like the product or service any of these companies provide you, and whose sole crime is they backed but don't support Trump revenue, by all means keep buying from them. Opposition is good but it has to make sense, too. This would be a much better app if you were to pare the list to only those companies that Trump earns money from.

Excellent idea 👍❗ just not enough ❗

Anything to do is better than do nothing!!! I hope this sick man will be STOPPED VERY SOON ❗❗❗❗❗❗

Right wing crybabies

Those who are bashing this app are the real crybabies. Oh poor snowflakes! Does an app so offend your delicate sensibilities? Well you know what? Get over it. And please, max out your credit cards at these businesses. Be the fiscally irresponsible conservative hypocrites that you really are. The reason for only 4 stars? This app needs to update itself. Nordstrom is still on this list. It's one of the good guys now.

Needs Updating

This needs to be separated into categories and updated. Nordstrom no longer carries the Ivanka Trump line, neither does Neuman Marcus. As well, do advertisers specifically select what programs they advertise on? I'm not sure this is the case. I'd hate to damage a business for a coincidental run of an ad based on a package they purchased.

It works - please keep updating

I love all the single star review from SCROTUS's trolls. This app is easy to use and explains who, what and why so we can decide.


Liberal scum. Our founding fathers would spit in your faces. You can't stop the trump train. Consider moving to Sweden.

Too broad...

This app would be great but it lists companies that supported the apprentice in 2011...boycotting them now will have little effect. I would like a filter to know who is currently supporting his businesses and a way to rank them.

Come on

Well the democrats took the L

App doesn't update companies that have removed ties or new supporters

App doesn't update companies that have removed ties or new supporters

Boycott is not current

Not current! You should have listed LL Bean and removed from boycott Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus etc. go to Grabyourwallets if you really want to know what's up. TRump guy- we have caused missy Ivanka to lose business with many, Bigly companies, so boycotting does work.

Thank you

This is the perfect app! Now I know exactly were to shop so I can support my president & his efforts to make this country great again! Thank you SJWs.... LOL 😂😂😂😂

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